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Second only to our volunteer firefighters, having current equipment and apparatus play a critical role in our ability to provide life-saving rescue and emergency services when called upon. Shown below are our current apparatus and stations.

We also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO THE RESIDENTS of our district for your unwavering support! Without your support, having updated stations and equipment would not be possible.

If you are interested in a tour of our either one of our fire stations, or would like one of our firefighters to speak to a group, please email Deputy Chief Jason Conklin or call 419-680-4026.


Constructed 2016
Station 1 is located in the heart of Lindsey at 238 S Main Street.

Station 1 was constructed in 2016, funded entirely by private donations to the LVFD Inc. Capital Campaign and the money raised through LVFD Inc fundraisers by the firefighters. This station houses four of the department’s apparatus, the water/ice rescue boat and equipment and our rural rescue trailer. There is also a Community Room that is used as the department’s training and meeting room on the second floor.


Constructed 2017
Station 2 is located near the corner of SR 19 and CR 119 in Rice Township.

Station 2 was constructed in 2017 and was partially funded through the 2017 Local Government Safety Capital Grant Program. The remaining amount was paid with matching funds from Rice Township Trustees, Village of Lindsey, Washington Township, and LVFD Inc. This project is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the Lindsey Volunteer Fire Department in partnering to make our community safer. With the addition of this station, all of the residents within our district is no more than 5 road miles from a fire station.



2000 Freightliner
2,500 Gallons of Water
1,250 gallon/minute pump
2- 20 gallon foam cells

Tanker 1 is housed at Station 2. In 2020, this truck was reassigned from an Engine to the role of a tanker becasue of its 2,500 gallon water capasity.


1997 Freightliner
3,000 Gallons of Water
Tanker 2 is housed at Station 1 and is used to shuttle water to fires.


2003 Freightliner

Rescue 3 is housed at Station 1. This apparatus is used to transport firefighters, equipment, and turnout gear. Rescue 3 responds to all calls because many of our firefighters do not keep their turnout gear with them, so this truck transports the majority of our firefighters’ gear to the scene. It also contains six, self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) units that our firefighters wear to protect them from breathing the dangerous chemicals discharged from fires.


2017 Freightliner
1,250 gallons of water
1,500 gallon/minute pump
1- 30 gallon foam cell

Engine 4 is housed at Station 2. This truck is designed, and equipped, to handle any emergency. In the event of a fire, Engine 4 carries a full compliment of hoses, nozzles, ladders, and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Additionally, this engine is also equipped with rescue tools for vehicle extraction (located in the front bumper) and a variety of other rescue tools including Haz-mat and Rope Rescue equipment. Because almost every call has some type of medical component, a full set of medical rescue equipment is maintained on this engine.


2008 Ford F-150 Crew Cab

Rescue 5 is housed at Station 2 and was purchased using fundraiser money from LVFD Inc. This truck was purchased specifically to be housed at Station 2 to allow our firefighters to respond with a full set of medical rescue equipment, water rescue equipment and to pull our rescue boat to emergency scenes.


2011 Ford F-350
300 gallons of water
150 gallon/minute pump
Grass Truck 6 is housed at Station 1. This apparatus is set-up to be light weight and has 4-wheel drive that allows it to access areas other larger apparatus cannot. Used primarily for field type fires, it also responds to vehicle accidents and medical emergencies. Grass Truck 6 is probably most well know by the children of Lindsey as Santa’s sleigh when he visits in December.


2020 Freightliner
1,000 gallons of water
1,500 gallon/minute pump
SAM Water Management System

Engine 7 is housed at Station 1. This truck is the department’s first crew cab with the ability to transport five firefighters. Four of the seats store air packs. Engine 7 is equipment to handle any emergency: fire, rescue, medical, and hazerdous material incidents. The pump is controlled by state of the art technology called SAM Water Management System. Lindsey Fire is the FIRST department in the State of Ohio to put this technology into service and the FIRST in the United States to have the SAM Water Management System on a commercial chassis.   


2010 Brig Rescue Boat
with a Mercury Outboard

Rescue Boat is housed at Station 2. This boat, and some of our water and ice rescue equipment, were purchased in 2010 shortly after a tragic accident where 3 young boys lost their lives after falling through thin ice on the Sandusky River near Shorewood Village. A large portion of the equipment was purchased from a very generous anonymous donor. Lindsey Fire has several of our firefighters trained in ice and swift water rescue. This equipment has been used more frequently for motorists who have become trapped in flooded roadways.


2019 Rescue Trailer

Our Rescue Trailer contains specialized equipment for ice & water rescue, confined space rescue, grain bin rescue, and hazardous material incidents. The trailer was entirely funded through local grants and other donations from individuals and businesses across our community. 

With any emergency, seconds count. This trailer is fully stocked and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. This trailer is another example of the dedication of our firefighters to ensure we have the equipment, training, and personnel to respond to any emergency. 


1946 Chevrolet 2 Ton Heavy Duty

This 1946 Chevrolet, better know as “Woody”, was one of Lindsey Fire Department’s first trucks. The truck had been stored in a local barn for decades because of the extremely cramped space of the old fire station. In 2018, it was resurrected and reconditioned by several of our firefighters for the 2018 Northwest Ohio Volunteer Firemen’s Association Convention in Gibsonburg. Woody is resting, surrounded by his successors in Station 2. While cleaning out the old station, the original invoice were found. The truck was purchased on August 24, 1946 from Dunmyer Chevrolet Company for $1,543.63.

If you would like to stop by and visit Woody, please let us know!

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