Lindsey Fire Training Page

VFIS University site overview (03:05)

Learn an overview of the VFIS University website.

Confinded Space Ventiliation System in Rescue Trailer (07:53)

Video reviews the ventiliation system for confined space rescue/recovery.

Run Reports using Adobe fillable forms (15:34)

Learn how to use Adboe fillable forms to complete run reports and run sheet using iPads or computers.

Rescue Trailer Overview (16:14)

Video looks at all the equipment stored in the Rescue Trailer and operation of emergency and scene lights.

Using Google Keep (08:34)

Learn how to use Google Keep to take notes using iPads.

Equipment Check Sheets using Adobe fillable forms (10:12)

Learn how to use Adobe fillable forms to complete equipment checks.

High Voltage Vehicle Firefighting (13:39)

High voltage vehicle firefighting training video from the North American Heavy Rescue Symposium.

Scene Size-up and Scene Management (1:18:26)

Scene Size-up using IDEAL acronym and scene management.

Lindsey Fire Covid Protocol

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