The Lindsey Volunteer Fire Department has partnered with the Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities (SCBDD) and the Sandusky County Emergency Management Agency to be better prepared for emergencies in homes with individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities.

The program was created after a joint training session between the SCBDD and the Lindsey Volunteer Fire Department. Deputy Chief Jason Conklin believed that there should be a way for our first responders (fire, EMS, police) to be better prepared PRIOR to arriving during an emergency to serve individuals with special needs. He and the SCBDD team worked to create a system in which the SCBDD Service & Support Administrators would complete a “Personal Pre-Plan Emergency Information Form” for any individual they serve. These forms contain critical information such as: Allergies, Diagnosed Medical Conditions, Physical Limitations, Modes of Communication, and whether or not the individual can be left alone. The forms are then forwarded to the fire chief of the district in which the individual resides. Additionally, the information is entered into the Sandusky County Dispatch System as an “Address Tag” so dispatchers can relay information to responders if needed.

The program began in late 2017, and there have been many success stories about how the program has helped individuals.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Deputy Chief Jason Conklin at 419-680-4026 or


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